Will Your Mental Health Get Worse Through Vaping?

Mental Health

Will Your Mental Health Get Worse Through Vaping?

Smoking will probably never go away as it is associated with human behavior and perception. You can read more here about reasons. why people smoke, are influences, addiction, stress-relief, and symbolism of individuality. As companies are pressured by government policies, vaping has skyrocketed its reputation as the ‘less dangerous’ and ‘less expensive’ alternative.

Since vaping, or the use of e-cigarettes in general, is not well-regulated, the application and tolerance may be either abusively high or excessively low. Let us compare if the said alternative is as worse as the cigarette to your physical and mental health.

What Is E-Cigarette?

E-cigarettes are technically called “electronic nicotine delivery systems”, or ENDS. Most commonly, they are referred to as either vapes, e-cigs, vape pens, or e-pens. Composing the product are 3 parts: a rechargeable small battery, a heating element usually in a form of a coil, and a refillable cartridge.

The battery will supply electricity to a coil that will heat up and boil the liquid inside the cartridge. The resulting vapor is ready to be inhaled by the user, hence the term ‘vaping’. Although each element poses a hazard, the determining factor is the liquid mixture inside the cartridge.

Are E-cigarettes Dangerous?

If you think in a logical manner, the use of e-cigarettes, as alternatives for smoking, have qualities with similar impact as cigarettes. Therefore, the reasons why people smoke can also be true to people who are vaping. The only deal-breaker might be personal preference.

Why do people who are vaping get almost similar ‘enticing’ effects with the cigarettes? That’s because the contents of the cartridge can be comparable to those of tobacco-based products. Here are the chemicals that can be found in the cartridge’s liquid.


Almost all e-cigs contain nicotine. Due to the lack of regulation, false and misleading claims about being nicotine-free are usually hard to detect. Nicotine is one substance that makes cigarettes one of the hardest habits to stop.

Fine Solid Particles

As the heating element keeps getting used, fine particles might be dissolved and mixed with the liquid. When the liquid evaporates, the extremely fine particles might also be inhaled by the user.

Volatile Compounds

These compounds, by themselves alone, are used on some of the dangerous household chemicals. However, they are necessary for the preservation and as chemical reaction agents.

Heavy Metals

Elements like lead, tin, and nickel, if mixed with the vaping gas, can be a dangerous health issue.


These may seem harmless at first but as they are heated and undergo a chemical reaction with other compounds, they will be posing health risks.

Are they dangerous? Since the chemicals involved are hazardous if analyzed individually, they may be dangerous also as a collective. One can even say that vaping and tobacco smoking has no distinctions at all.

Effects On Mental Health

If a product can destroy physical health from the inside, for sure, mental health is affected as well. When a teen starts to inhale gases that came from burning nicotine products on a regular basis, there will be a great blow on the brain development.

The teen can find difficulty in learning, attention control, and also impulse control. If smoking cigarettes can do that damage, then e-cigs, which also contain nicotine, can deal with a similar amount but to an unknown extent.


Vaping may be appealing since it is handy and encourages less waste since you are not ‘obliged’ to smoke all the way through. However, there are too many inclusive findings saying that vaping is less harmful than smoking cigarettes. It pays still to be cautious if you plan to adopt the habit of your lifestyle.

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