Anxiety in Youth

Peer pressure, school works, and family problems. Who says being young is all about living reckless and free from stress?

Stress is the number one cause of anxiety. Actually, anxiety can be considered beneficial. Why? This is because anxiety is an emotion which can make a person feel worried, nervous or concerned.  This emotion releases the hormones we need for balanced thinking, neuron exercise, and thus, sound mental health.

In contrast to that, anxiety disorders or in situations where anxiety levels become so high to the point that it causes panic attacks and emotional breakdowns, is considered bad. Upon experiencing the first few symptoms of having an anxiety disorder, it is best to reach out and ask for help from a professional or even just a family member or a friend that you can talk to.

Stress can come from different external factors. In the case of youth anxiety, here are some of the stressful activities you yourself might be dealing with:

  • Living a life for others is a life not meaningfully lived. Living to impress people and to exceed their expectations of you may cause anxiety; in worse cases, anxiety triggered by this factor could lead to depression and suicide attempts.
  • Fears. Having fears of being not good enough in simply everything causes low self-esteem. Having low self-esteem could trigger the emotion of anxiety.
  • Peer pressure. Peer pressure can be stressful too. It may either cause insecurities or an overwhelming feeling of self-entitlement. Being pressured by your circle of friends may stressful to deal with, especially if it is about engaging in activities you usually do not or cannot.

Who might help?

  • Family member. Talking to a family member may help lighten your load and also help them understand your current situation. In addition to that, you may be able to find out a possible solution to your anxiety together.
  • Guidance Counselor. They are always present in schools and institutions, readily available to help those in need of therapeutic advice and counseling.