Mental Health Support is brought together by health professionals, mental illness survivors, and passionately concerned individuals in order to promote mental health awareness and mental health alleviation in general.

We believe in the importance of educating people about their mental health. More than just maintaining an individual’s sound mental system, this movement aims to extend support to people with anxiety and mental disorders. Mental health should always be prioritized and never neglected.

To help society, Mental Health Support continuously provides for mental health programs and services through the funds it receives from donations and grants. Our medical staff are experienced and well-equipped enough to deal with patients. The team is dedicated and always ready to help and give expert psychological treatment and advice to our fellows in need.

This organization has been actively helping people for the past few years. We can easily be reached through our e-mail, this website, and through our main office headquarters. We are also actively engaged in social media to observe, ensure, and promote mental health awareness to the netizens.


A community alleviated and renewed by sound mental health.


To successfully reduce fatalities linked to mental illnesses by providing support, guidance, and self-encouragement.