Anxiety in Adults

In Psychiatry, Anxiety is more than an emotion of being worried and restlessness. It is a disorder characterized by excessive nervousness and uneasy behavior. In worse cases, some patients even experience panic attacks from time to time.

Anxiety disorders can happen to anyone. Much more than the younger population, anxiety disorders tend to occur more with adults and here’s why: Adults are more exposed to real-life problems than the younger ones.

Possible Factors

  • Adults are prone to stress in almost every aspect—financially, emotionally, and spiritually. There are certain problems adults face that can trigger anxiety. Anxiety-causing stress can grow from stress at work, at school, at home and even being in a relationship.
  • Drug addiction, like cocaine intake, is one of the top reasons why anxiety disorders occur. In this case, medical rehabilitation is needed. Although most of the time, patients with vices have a hard time giving their self a chance to heal. It is highly recommended that their family and peers be the first ones to support and encourage them to undergo the process.
  • Taking continuous medication can cause side effects like anxiety. Excessive medicinal intake can be bad, not just for physical health but also for mental health as well. Always be cautious and avoid self-medicating.

How to Overcome

  • Social Life. Having people around you to support and encourage you at all times have been proven to be the best medicine; both to prevent and to cure psychiatric disorders. Keeping your doors open to new people and being able to connect with different types of people will help reduce overwhelming loneliness and release happy hormones which can fight anxiety attacks.
  • Healthy Living. Drinking too much coffee can increase anxiety levels. This is because coffee contains caffeine. Try having decaffeinated drinks to keep your heart rate at its optimum. Also, practice exercising for at least 10 minutes daily as it helps the body feel more relaxed and thus, fight stress. High levels of blood sugar can also trigger anxiety. To prevent that, consume more fruits and vegetables and keep the carbohydrates and fats to a minimum.

Complementary therapies. Upon having the first signs of anxiety disorders, it is best to seek professional help. Prevention is way better than trying to cure it. Undergoing therapy with medical experts are proven to save more than 1/16 of the whole population from fatality caused by anxiety and panic attacks.