The Importance of Mental Health Awareness

Mental Health Awareness

The Importance of Mental Health Awareness

Our overall mental health is as important as our physical health. While we try to keep our bodies, outfit and customt shirts fit and healthy, it is also necessary to keep our minds fit and strong too. However, most of us have no idea on how to keep our mental health in tiptop shape, and how we could understand those who are experiencing mental health concerns.

Almost half of the young generation across the globe are experiencing mental health problems. Most of them are experiencing different forms of depression and anxiety caused by peer pressure, family concerns, and poor self-esteem. Also, those who are experiencing these resort to a lot of dangerous activities that could lead to serious complications. However, it is sad to know that others dismiss this concern as plain drama or just lazy to move on with their lives.

“He/she is simply sad” – The Stigmas of Mental Health

The stigma of mental health problems come from those who do not really understand what is going on with someone who is mentally ill or deficient. While those with depression are being dismissed as lonely and only needs a push to move forward, many do not really seem to care for those who are anxious and people with deteriorating self-consciousness. Even those who have died of suicide just get tagged as cowards or immature individuals. This kind of stigma in our society has to end right now.

Ending the Stigma Right NOW

While taking on those who do not understand the movement for mental health awareness is difficult, it is also apt to recognize those who move towards educating the society about the importance of keeping our minds healthy and giving the proper interaction and treatment to those who have a hard time coping up with their anxieties. Many are also unaware of the treatments a mentally-ill individual can take advantage in order to gradually cope with what they are experiencing now.

Like physical illnesses, mental illnesses can be treated and cured too. However, the movement towards healing takes time, and everyone should be more understanding to give the patient time to recuperate from his or her mental illness. All it takes is to give enough patience and more hugs or any physical contact to reassure him or her that he or she is not battling the dark side alone.

Moving Towards the Importance of Mental Health Awareness

Many organizations, companies, and industries in society are now uniting themselves towards mental health awareness. Fashion companies are making custom T-shirts with encouraging words or phrases. Office industries are setting up mental health corners for their employees who could possibly experience mental health problems. Non-government organizations are reaching out to families who may have a troubled set-up and has been affecting the mental health of their children.

All of these are positive attributes that could help spread mental health awareness and end the stigma that anxiety, depression, and other mental health concerns are just mere drama or nothing of consequences. It is important to keep our minds, as well as everyone else’s mental wellness, an important aspect of our health in order to maintain a healthy and balanced life.

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